noob question about general texture optimization

Hello, I have been modeling a building for my Ue4 game in blender for some time now and I believe I may be approaching the task very wrong in terms of optimization.
I think the mesh itself is pretty optimized (few polys as possible) but what I’m worried about are my UV’s and general texturing of the level. For instance, the white wall
wraps all the way around the building and is joined as one object therefore the whole wall has one UVmap that is scaled way up over its texture so it repeats. Everything is textured like that in the level. Should I instead create all of my materials in Ue4? its hard to make normal maps in crazyBump using the method im using because once the material is in ue4, its scale is dependent on whatever it was in blender.
Im really confused and any tips and pointers on general texturing practice (For walls and such) would be appreciated.

(Would have uploaded pic but it keeps telling me “Database error”)