Noob needs some advice

Hey guys just got my license for ue4 i love this engine so far but like many people just starting out i’m a little lost haha. I had a great game idea with a friend of mine but after some disagreements I can no longer do that game. I want to make a multiplayer fps game (yeah i know its been done 2 million times) I have some great ideas but i’m not too sure where i should start. I am a 1 man team which sucks but I feel it will be better for me down the road if i made this game by myself or did as much as i can. I have some basic knowledge of game dev, but only a years worth of schooling for it. Thanks in advance!

Since I just spent the time to write this, I figured I’ll link it here for you:

Check my two posts(about halfway down the page). Let me know if you have any questions. That should get you started.

You’re probably not going to like hearing this, but you shouldn’t start a project without having a pretty good knowledge base on game design. Learn as much as you can about the engine and basically get to the point where you have a commanding knowledge of it. Same goes for the software that you’ll use in whichever field you decide to go. Many people don’t like hearing this, but you have to start small first. Once you’ve acquired the knowledge necessary to (for example) create your environments or characters for your game and get them in engine, and drafted a complete game design document detailing every aspect of your game, you can begin production on your project. After a while you will start to have enough content to show when you announce your project to others, and as a result will gain additional support. People like to know that someone is dedicated to their project before they contemplate possibly joining it. A great way to show that is displaying the work you have done on it so far, which lets them know you’re not another of the 1000 people who just has an idea - you actually have some of the skills required to see it through. It takes time, but in the end if you’re serious about this it will pay off. That’s my advice at least. Either way, I wish you the best. =)