[Noob][Meganoob] Level Design: Create brushes myself or rather use a props package?

Hey everybody! (sorry for my bad english)

I would like to create a small Mars Simulation, just a small Station and a little Landscape around. I’ve already gone through some tutorials, I am familiar with how to build a house with the starter content and how to create some basic blueprints.

Well, now i tried to create the basic geometry for my station, existing of 8 cylinders. However, I already failed in splitting a cylinder in the middle, it’s really difficult to select 64 surfaces in Geometry Editing mode. So I googled and found out, that it is really unusual to create brushes in UE4 itself, but likely use a 3D tool like autocad inventor. Actually I’d prefer to learn another program too, but I have no choice, do I?

If you were me, what would you do? I thought about simply buying a props package, but I really want the simulation to be “my” simulation, and not simply a collection of brushes someone else created.

I simply have no Idea what to do now. UE4 was fckn simple while using the starter content, but as I discovered the real work is about the design of all the objects :slight_smile:

Simply tell me what my next steps should be, I need a guideline until I have more knowledge myself.


Definitely get going with a proper 3d modelling software. I would recommend Modo but any of the big names (Modo, 3D Studio Max, Maya or Blender) would work great. Many of them can be a bit costly so you might want to look into the cheaper versions of them such as Modo Indie or Maya LT but there is also Blender that is free. All of these can do pretty much everything you’ll need. This will be the single most useful thing you’ll learn if you want to do game art and it’s pretty much essential. Buying pre made props won’t cut it for anything more serious as you’ll be too limited. It takes longer to do it yourself but the result will be something you made that you can hopefully be proud of.

You will need to make textures for your 3d models once you get the hang of modelling and for that I’d recommend Substance Painter or DDO but you’ll need to learn the basics in Photoshop or Gimp (free) as well as a complement.

Just don’t let yourself get put off by the seemingly huge undertaking of learning all this. In the beginning the steep learning curve will most likely be incredibly demoralizing but if you keep at it you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you learned so much. All the learning resources you’ll need are available for free all over the internet. There is an abundance of both written documentation and videos on Youtube for all this and don’t be afraid of asking in the forum and answer hub. :slight_smile: I set out just like you with no previous experience a while back and have since then learned everything I need to make our game this far using free learning resources from the internet.