Noob lighting questions

hi I am new to using unreal. I have a room that I am trying to light. I’m using lightmass. I setup my reflection capture spheres. I have a directional light going through a window and I have a default skylight. It looks okay but the room is very dark. I was told in this situation you should not use “the tonemapper” to make your scene brighter you should instead increase your light intensity. My question is how do I bring more light to the scene and have the light bounce around more as opposed to using filters to brighten up the scene. Its also worth mentioning my lightmass settings are close to default I just put my bounces and quality up some and made the environment color white. I was also wondering what the purpose of the skylight is and when you should use it. It helped brighten up my scene a little bit but I don’t know if cranking up the intensity on that would be counter productive like they said using the tonemapper would be. My goal with this scene is more about making it look pretty rather than being functional. Thank you for any insight you have!

Here is a small army of information for you. The reason, it sounds to me, that everything is dark is because you’re not baking your lights. Personally, I set everything to dynamic (moveable) while working and bake later, but that’s because I’ve got a potato 2000 CPU.