Noob... epic games launcher puzzle

I recently downloaded Twinmotion using the epic games launcher.Everything ran smoothly and works well.
a day or two later i opted for the free game Farming Simulator and was instructed to again to download another epic games launcher on the page offering the free game.
Running that opens a page that asks me if i want to remove or repair my epic games launcher.Whichever option i choose it says the operation is interrupted because of an error.
If i run the original games launcher it works well but there is no reference to the Farming simulator. i have received an email receipt for the game but nothing else.
Very grateful for any advice…as it’s doing my nut in.

You only need to have one launcher installed. When you purchase/acquire products on the website, it’s typical for them to then recommend you download the launcher, but that can be skipped if you already have the launcher installed. Don’t bother running the installer again. (It’s probably giving an error because you already have the launcher running, and it can’t remove or repair what is currently running).

I’ve looked at your account and can confirm that you have entitlements for both Twinmotion and Farming Simulator. If you have the launcher running when you make a purchase on the web, the launcher may take a few minutes until it recognizes the purchase. I’d suggest you log out/restart the launcher, and then look for the game under the Library page (note: NOT the Unreal Engine > Library page)

Also, make sure you are logged into the launcher with the same account you used to acquire the game on the web. It is very common for people to forget they made multiple accounts, and be logged into different places with them.