Non Skeleton Linked Graph Logic Sharing? (Substitute skeleton used on Child Animation Blueprint)

Hello, looking for best practices and options for setting up a pipeline for many unique characters with the same default behaviors.

The goal, as few Animation Blueprints as required, looking for the same logic and event graphs used in one Blueprint to be reusable independently of the base skeleton.

Based on exposure so far, it seems the base behavior for animation blueprint’s is they are always slave to a skeleton, and use of the retargeting (a very nice system) is the only way to reuse the logic on a different but similar skeleton, designed to only have added animations for minor differences.

The maintenance required on the number of unique character types I am required to implement makes this behavior centric approach a must.

In an ideal world, I could right click on an animation blueprint, click create child, then be able to select a new skeleton to be used. All named sequences, and variables inside, would then require new asset attachments.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance!