Non-skeletal FBX Animation

Hi, Im pretty new to unreal, im trying to bring in an animation from 3ds max that i created using a path constraint. I collapsed the transforms and baked the animation in the fbx export. When i bring this into unreal however it does not move. I have tried importing as a skeletal mesh and it doesnt seem to make a difference.
Its essentially just boxes moving round a path, im doing some tests for traffic just for background movement in a scene but im not a games developer its move on the realtime archvis side so im really not well versed on AI and navmeshes etc.

@jpedleham: If it is just a box moving around a scene, wouldn’t it be easier to just script it in Blueprints for you?

I stand under correction, but all animations in UE4 have to be skeletal animations. I imported some animated banners last night and they were skeletal animations … worked perfectly fine and ran properly in the engine.

Sorry I can be of much more help … I can only help myself with art and animation and I rely on assets to keep me going.

Thanks for the info. The boxes are placeholders for low poly cars which i intended to add in once i had this working. blueprints seem completely alien to me. I wouldnt even know where to start! Coming from an animation & Modelling background its just completely overwhelming to have to deal with it Haha.

At the moment the engine doesn’t support any kind of vertex based animation. If you don’t feel comfortable with blueprints you can just add a simple joint to each box and bake out the animation that way. If you then feel like giving blueprints a try, I’d highly recommend looking at the wide variety of tutorials available on the Unreal Engine Youtube page:

i’d use that link then look at the vehicle tutorials as well as the AI ones.
also look under the forum topic ->
for the many tutorials

but if I get what you are actually doing then you can just create a Blueprint as an ‘actor’ class and just move them around using either timelines (which I don’t like to use for that but will prototype well in this case) or a just move them, by updating their position w/ a tick event or other event. good luck

Using a Matinee to move stuff around in a level takes even less scripting than timelines.

I was also about to recommend Matinee. It’s basically an in-UE4 keyframe editor; you can define an actor’s position across time exactly like you would in anim software.