Non- Organic (Not humanoid or physics based) animation help requested

I am making a simple game. It is mostly just a boat shooter. The boats do not have physics, nor do they have buoyancy. I have them locked to the Z and they effectively just fake move on the water. What I want to accomplish is a simple rocking animation that is subtle when sitting still and more aggressive when the boat is moving. Any thoughts on a solution for this?

The simplest way that i could think of is to use curve(float) + axis value through a looping timeline. You could have a two curves complimenting each other when their timeline are not the same to mimic a more inconsistent rocking motion.

I did a lot of searching and saw some similar replies to this but where am I putting this timeline? There doesn’t even seem to be a method of adding animation timelines without identifying a skeletal mesh to use for it.

Just drive the timeline in a blueprint. Then use that data from the timeline+float curve combo in that BP or send it to an AnimBP.


UGH I am an idiot. Ok, thanks let me have a look.