Non-humanoid combat bitting / Collision and animation sync


I’m struggling on a problem that I used to managed in the past in a different setting.

I’m working on a fighting game with non-humanoid characters and we have a bitting attack animation where the attacker runs, jumps and grabs the throat of the opponent and takes it down.

We have two animations, one for the attacker, on for the receiver.

When I was working with humanoid characters, I managed to do it simply with animation montage and a distance check to make sure both were in sync and everything went smoothly.

But in that case, the two characters did not grab one another like in my problem here.

Both anims are sync but how would I put the receiver of the attack at the correct location, meaning the jaw of the attacker, I could create two sockets but how link them together ?

What about also the collision capsule ? In my humanoid project, I did not need to disable it, here, I can see that I will have to disable it but the problem is that if I disable it for the attacker, the animation won’t start and if I disable it for the receiver, it can fall through the floor sometimes.

Thanks for your inputs.