No tick event for decalactor based blueprint?

Hey all.

I’m trying to figure out why this doesn’t work. I created a new blueprint based on decalactor and went to edit the tick event in the blueprint and it says that this class doesn’t receive a tick?

So my question is, how do you know which objects receive which events? Is there a map of events to actor classes anywhere?

Also, asking about this in general. I wanted to make a “ping” decal that essentially projects a decal under my player object (and moving with it) kind of like you would get with a magic casting circle thing? What would be the preferred method for doing that? Is there another class I can use?


It looks like the blueprint is based on a native class, that cannot receive ticks (one can check AActor.PrimaryActorTick.bCanEverTick in native code, it’s usually set in a constructor).
Blueprints can have tick event when:

  • Their native base class can receive ticks. OR
  • Their native base class is Actor. OR
  • Their native base class has “ChildCanTick” meta data set.

Many classes cannot receive ticks due to performance reason.

In this case I think that the player object could call for the update of decal.