No shadow blend between landscape components

Hey community,

I’m having difficulties of solving an odd issue with the lighting not properly building on landscape components. Shadows are sorta squared making a shape straight line from a lighter component to suddenly dark component. An example will be shown in the photos down below. If anyone has this issue and knows a solution would be greatly appreciated!

Side note: The light build is of medium quality and few static lights don’t cast shadows. Don’t want dynamic lighting for optimization reasons.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey there!
I have a compareable problem. First I was not able to get my skylight into the lightmaps of my landscape, the shadows remained fully black after lightmap build, but only on the landscape, for static meshes it worked fine. Now I somehow managed to get them inside, but now I also have these artifacts in the shadows, that look like occuring on the seams of the compontents/sections of my landscape (I’m using world composition).

Down there you can also have alook on my stationary directional and skylight and my world settings


| edit: this also occurs when changeing the skylight back to mobile

I had a problem as same :frowning: How can you resolve it?

Have you manage to fix it?