No reflection from blueprint mesh...

hi everyone ,
sorry for my bad english , i’ll try to explain my problem better i can do.

I have a blueprint with a mesh inside ( a door )
in my “BoxReflectionCapture” i can’t see it but in “SSR” yes

how can i solve this issue?

I hope I was understood…

Any movable object (Blueprints are set to Movable by default) will not be captured in the Box or Sphere Reflection capture. This is why you’re only seeing it in SSR.

If you set the BP to Static and make sure the asset is set to Static it will work with the reflection capture correctly.

so, or i can set the door moveble and invisible in static reflection… or set the door static ( and unusable ) and visible in static reflection.
and another question, where can i set the BP on “static” ? i can’t find it :slight_smile:

thanks a lot

If you set the door to movable it will not be visible in the Reflection capture. It will only be visible in the SSR.


The Blueprint objects on the left are static and can be captured by the reflection capture. The Blueprints on the right are set to movable. The objects inside that need to be captured by the reflection capture need to be set to static. For instance, if you blueprint has three meshes inside, each one will need to be selected inside the Blueprint and set their mobility to Static in order to be visible in the reflection capture.