no Raptor actors returned with SphereOverlapCheck for actor class filter DinoCharacterBP

It works for all the other dinosaurs I’ve tested. Should I be using GeneticallyEngineeredThemeParkMonsterCharacterBP as my filter instead?

It looks like Gigantopithecus does the exact same thing!

We will need more information than what you have given, can you elaborate a little more please.

I’ve written a blueprint to perform a SphereOverlapCheck within a radius around the actor who calls it. The blueprint for that section is shown here.
Sphere Overlap Actors Setup.png
I set it to filter by Actor class DinoCharacterBP, and by object type DinoPawn. The search radius default is set to be large, but not arbitrarily large: 30000.0 units, about 6 times the default Mate Boost radius.

Some dinosaurs are returned by this Sphere Overlap Check, and some are not. To demonstrate this, I set up a test area with two parasaurolophus and two raptors near each other and started the game. I modified the blueprint to print the results of the Sphere Overlap Check to the screen and screencapped it, which I will post when the database stops fighting with me :stuck_out_tongue:
The results were thus: there were four distinct sets of Sphere Overlap Check results printed in the console, but all of them consisted only of the IDs of the two Parasaur actors.
I have done some, but not extensive, testing of this, and my current results are as follows.

Dinosaurs detected by the above Sphere Overlap Check:

Dinosaurs not detected by the above Sphere Overlap Check:

I think I might know why this is happening, but I will have to get into the ADK to confirm, give me a moment while I start my coffee and open up my ADK :slight_smile:

Added: Well, it wasn’t what I thought it might be, do you have custom dino’s in your game by any chance?

Nope, this is on a vanilla install of the ARK devkit.

I found the solution! You also need to add DinoPawnCollideWithRider to the Object Types array of the Sphere Overlap Actor Check in order to return Trilobites, Gigantopithecus, Raptors, and all the other animals that weren’t showing up in the Sphere Overlap Actor Check as written above.

Fantastic discovery! Those collision checks can be a little weird!