No player mesh on run

I have no idea what I did, but when I ‘play from here’ there is full movement, but no mesh at all.

I’ve tried everything, but it refuses to show up.

What am I missing ? 0-

UE 4.14 ( latest)

Do you have a GameMode specified, which contains your character/Pawn?

Pls see attached, hope this is enough for verification:


I have no idea what changed to cause this, so I’m equally unsure how to fix it. My focus for months has been landscape editing so I’m out of my realm here , but I’ve watched a few tuts, checked to make sure things seemed ‘ok’ but still no luck.

No matter which level I choose, the player charcter mesh is not there during play so clearly its somewhere else.

I guess the problem exists in the area of my screenshot, but I have no idea why.

You are using the default Game Mode. Choose your GameMode in the Project Settings or in the World Settings GameMode Override

I have no idea what you’re referring to, I see game mode that is my own, here I’ll upload a screenshot showing my options:


Trouble is no matter which one I try I get no movement WITH a mesh, or movement without, its nuts :wink:

I wish there were a tut for such cases, or is there one ?

Sorry for this back and forth, it would be tons easier over skype or something more dynamic LOL

I’m making some progress, I got my ‘player’ to show up, it animates in place, but its ‘far’ away and pressing mouse in view starts game, but nothing happens no matter what key I press.

CLOSER, but not quite

ty for taking time to help ( getting another screenshot)


Closer look, I found issues I didn’t notice before, hopefully I can fix it but I don’t recall ‘altering any of it’.


I fixed character far into foreground, easy , just quick camera tweak:


Having looked at mycharacter blueprint, why was it made , going from rotation to forward ?

Seems an odd way of doing things–

Clearly player can’t move due to it seems errors ( compilation ) in character blueprint, I’m just struggling to fix it. Its obvious what do es what, but I’ve almost no experience using any of it. I"lll try to find a tut unless you have any other ideas about that. < this should get me going to fix current blueprints that wont’ compile.

The blueprint is looking for the inputaxis from the input table Edit>Project Settings> Engine > Input where under Bindings > Axis Mapping where the name of the binding corresponds to an action type event. Check your input table and if you don’t see any of the missing bindings then this is why your getting a non-referenced error.

Ok ty so much got it ;))