No physics on object without simple collision

I’m using an asset pack to make a level, and one of the objects i want to enable physics so the player can knock it down. Problem is, it doesn’t have simple collision, so i set to use complex collision as simple, but then physics simulation doesn’t work because of that, what is up with these arbitrary restrictions? What else can i do about this? I’m not a 3d modeler so i’m stuck here.

if you don’t know how to model, you’re gonna have hard time with unreal. just saying. You needto create a collision model (mesh) into your 3D software. it’s more or less a very simplified model of your mesh. it has to be a (separated) non concave object. and it has to be named with your exact mesh name, preceded with UCX_

chichiFregiLover Is right: the collision should be created in your 3D Modeling software. However, you can also use the simple collision options in the Collision tab. At least temporarily.

I managed to do it in blender and got it working. Thanks!