No Matter What I do uassets from example rar will not import.

Hi there,

I’ve researched this up and down and can not get these files to load into my project. I have tried dragging them into the content folder. I have copied them into the content directory. I have moved them around in the content directory. No matter what I do these uasset files will not load.

I’ve goggled this and have read many posts and these seems to be a huge problem.

The uasset files come from a download in this thread:

these are the files I used:

I’m running the latest 4.11 version.

I would really love to use these files if someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.



I discovered I can make these files visible to a 4.10 system by putting them in the content directory. I’m going to try to upgrade that game to 4.11 and see if I can migrate them to my target 4.11 game.

I was successfully got these files to load into my 4.11 demo game, but when I try to migrate them over to my main project they will not show up.

I am cursed.

I discovered I can cut and paste between projects so I will try doing it that way.

When I cut and past between another project the material crashes unreal every time.

Can you post any logs so that we can see what is causing the crash. You can find the logs in your saved folder.