No longer able to build lighting after porting to a new version of the engine.

Hello! I mostly work with dynamic lighting, so I am able to work around this, but would like to solve this issue.
After porting to 4.25, I was no longer able to build my scene. It starts up swarm agent and just gets stuck.
I thought it was just my scene being too big, with too many assets, and my old ■■■ CPU not being able to handle it.

But I just started a new scene, and I cannot build lighting on it either.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t use swarm agent previously (at least not opening a visible window and process), and I don’t really need it anyway as I am only building on one device, but I cannot see any way to disable swarm.

It just stays stuck on this part until force swarm agent to close, and then it cancels the build.