No LOD in HISMC per instance - bug or feature ?

I have a static mesh containing 3 LODs. When I use it as standalone actor on the level, LOD works. When I use the same static mesh as an instance for HISMC, LOD doesn’t work. It either gets stuck on one of the lower LODs and never switches, or it doesn’t work at all. Instances are added to HISMC in BP in construction script.

Has anyone encountered such issue? Is it a bug (sounds like one)?

Thanks beforehand

Unless there is a bug in HISMCs in some newer engine version that you are using, it should work.

Keep in mind that HISMCs do group meshes for LODs, so if you have 1000 instances then you won’t have individual LODs for all 1000, but the LODs will only switch for a group of instances at once, so the distance won’t be exactly what it is for a static mesh.

Yeah, I don’t think it matters if they switch LOD the same way, as long as they switch it at all and more or less close to what it was intended.

I got a link for a good video tutorial which I will dissect after work and look at it closely. Right now it seems that I do everything correctly, yet getting no LOD :confused: