No lights in gameplay

Im building a paper2d project. I just started adding some point lights to the scene. I changed the default textures to MaskedLit on the textures i wanted lit and placed a light, jumped in game. Looked good. Went back to the editor and placed a few more lights, all showing correctly in perspective view, then jumped back into game, and nothing, no lights at all. All my textures and are black. Went back down to 1 light and remains black. I rebuilt the lighting and no change. Tried stationary, static (with static lighting enabled), and movable.Any ideas on why this occurred and how to fix it?

Something to note, at one location in my gameplay, just the smallest hint on light is visible on a small platform tile, its very faint and only on that 1 tile even though that tile is used many times. Like that one specific area is a small bit of light.

EDIT: Using TranslucentLit rather than MaskedLit has fixed the problem as of now, hopefully it stays this way :smiley: