No lighting on StaticMeshActor, also weird rippling effect for reflection on material

I’m trying to replicate this scene from the Joker movie

So far this is what I have

I have the problem that the ceiling and floor dont get lit properly.

As you can see, theyre all black and dont have direct or indirect lighting. Even when i crank up the intensity of the rectangular lights on the ceiling, they still remain black and dont have any direct or indirect lighting. Both are StaticMeshActors and are imported from Blender the same way the walls are imported. These are my lightmass settings.

Also on the second screenshot, there is this rippling effect going through the reflection. I don’t know what causes this or how to fix it. Does anyone know? I’d be very happy and grateful for an answer.

Are all your light set to static? And what is the size of your lightmap on the floor and ceiling?