No Kite Demo terrain in editor

I loaded up the kite demo project and opened the main level. The only objects you can see are the water planes for the handful of lakes in the scene. If I ‘play’ the level, everything appears fine and I can fly around normally.

What am I missing? I’d like to edit the landscape but I cant see it or find it. I’ve spent all day trying to figure this out, and I figure I’d ask before I went to bed, in hopes of an answer in time for the next workday!

Kite demo uses level streaming and the sub-levels are not loaded by default. you need to open the Levels window and make the sub-levels visible

it’s relying on this: World Composition User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you very much, problem solved. Good thing I picked up 16GB of ram.

You actually want 24GB if you intend on loading the whole thing for editing, though you can obviously just load in parts with 16GB as needed.