No internet access development and play

I have a student who wish to create a game for the technology fair. There will be no internet access will be available at the technology fair. After the Unreal Development Kit software is downloaded, will internet access be necessary for game development and/or playing the game? The student will need to demonstrate the skills used to create the game using the software and play the game at the technology fair without internet access.

I will be learning the software with the student. Are there good easy to follow tutorials?

Welcome! :smiley:

You dont need internet access for the UE4 and UDK (free version of the UE3) :slight_smile: (as long as you have installed it on your PC)


Btw, when you mean the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), please post your questions into the UDK forum -> Forum - Epic Games Forums?

I think you would be better off using UE4 for this, in fact I think it would be perfect.
you should check some of the many videos on youtube put up by Unreal Engine (just search for it on youtube)

I am pretty sure they have educational licenses as well, which all of the above would suit this task perfectly.

good luck, sounds like a great idea!