No indirect lighting information generated for instanced static meshes?


I was just testing out some lighting and I noticed that there is no indirect lighting information or lightmaps generated for Instanced static meshes. I am using a single stationary directional light to light this particular test scene. I have attached screenshots for comparison. The meshes are generated through a construction script and not at run time. The instanced static meshes and the static meshes have their mobility set to static. Is this a known issue or limitation? Are there any plans to fix it or should I avoid using it for now? Thanks :slight_smile:

Static Mesh lighting:

Instanced Static Mesh lighting:

Sounds good! Thanks!

Hi HypnoticShark,

Thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue that our developers are currently looking into. As a workaround you can set the instanced objects to movable but from reading your description above I think you already realized that.

Have a good day.

Thanks, TJ