No GUI in packaged game

I built UI for my game using UMG. When I play in the editor everything is fine, but today I packaged my game for Windows and there was no UI, tried both Development and Shipping. It works if I launch the game from the editor, even in standalone mode. But packaged game has no UI. I thought it was simply invisible because resolution is different or something, so I put some debug print string in widget blueprint. They fired when in editor as expected but they don’t fire in packaged, that tells me that it is not simply a visibility problem, my GUI code is not executed. I remember it used to work in one of previous versions that I’ve packaged and sent to someone for testing. So if nobody knows what could be the problem I’ll try to retrace my steps back to that version. I’d like to avoid that hell, so please help me.

Also I am pretty sure I saw a similar topic somewhere very recently but now I can’t find anything like it.

Never mind, I fixed it, it was very stupid and not even directly related to GUI.

Mind posting what had gone wrong in case someone has a similar problem? :slight_smile:

Ok, but I warned you it was stupid.

I was checking if a save game existed before creating GUI widgets and forgot to connect false output on the branch. In the editor save always existed because it was created a long time ago. In a freshly built game there were no saves so widgets were never created. I often forget to connect false because I am more used to writing code and in code normally execution continues after if…then but in blueprint both true and false need to be connected in order for it to continue if the condition is false.

That’s far from stupid, it’s an oversight that could happen to anyone; It’s good that you posted it, I feel it could save a headache for quite a few people who are overlooking their Blueprint code wondering why it’s not working!

Literally just happened to me. Thanks for posting. I did the same thing. It works when there’s a default save but if you remove it and the load fails nothing else was loading on my begin play.

My version wasn’t the save game, but this thread put me on the right track - rechecking my assumptions about which booleans are set when. Thanks.

Game dev is a rollercoaster of smart-stupid-smart-stupid-smart, so occasionally doing the stupid is part of doing it right.