No Free Section?

was wondering how come there isn’t anyone doing free content, animation sets, particle effects etc?
why is it there is no section at the marketplace for this?

personally, while i am simply training technics etc. i would plan to simply provide anything “good+” for free to whoever would want it, and from looking at the general creative communities such as modding communities and free source coding etc. i bet a ton of people would do the same, giving a huge library of high quality content to created better games since getting good at everything is hard and time consuming so many will give up on creating a finished sales worthy product (at least for a much longer time than they would if they, as example, only needed to perfect some area’s of the tools).

so, in short, add a marketplace section for “free content” where people can add stuff which they feel they want to give to the public and which would make it reasonably easy to find what you are looking for ^^

Free content is not allowed on the marketplace, with the exception of educational, tutorial, or sampler content (Though I have not seen any). Epic also publishes some of their own free content to the marketplace. Getting content onto the marketplace is also a very long process, so there is very little incentive to publish free packs.

yeah, I am also interested in that question)

I also would like to be able to publish free tools on the Marketplace.