No examples in BP API.

Hi all concerned UE4 citizens. I am one of those new developers to join the community. And for me the BP system is mind blowing in all aspects. However
I find the documentation lacking somewhat. A simple example is this node.

It has no usage example, or an explanation of how it works. One must swim through many forum threads and answer on AnswerHub to find some examples, Or manually test it around.

In addition some more complex nodes representing something specific are even harder to figure out. example.

has something to do with controller? Lets suppose I would want to understand what I could do with the return value? How would I go about doing it?

I would like a more systematic approach to learning the BP syntax (yes I am a programmer). With each type of node having a complete reference to how to use it and what can be done with it, like all the other nodes that can connect to it. I think it would help newcomers greatly.

To be honest, I think “Get controller” is pretty straitforward and descriptions are okay, however “Controller Reference” and “Pawn Reference” SHOULD be clickable and should lead to controller and pawn pages respectively. And they should be merged and upgraded, because Controller BP API Page is empty as hell and Controller Documentation is good and descriptive, but have ZERO connection to C++ and BP API and it’s harder to understand the concept.

The Blueprint API reference is in its infancy still. The first step was getting the essential pieces to generate it complete and making it available. We realize it has a ways to go to be more useful. Over the next few months, we will be working on making sure the descriptions of nodes and pins are more complete and helpful, figuring out how to include examples, and adding cross linking.

It’s a large task so it will take some time. We appreciate all the feedback people have in the meantime.