No entry in all programs - start menu

I am not sure if there has ever been one, but now there is no entry of RC in my “all programs” in the start menu (Win7 64 Pro).
Is that normal or did something go wrong with my installaion?

Hi Götz
are you logged in the right account under Windows ? Use SEARCH in Windows to look for RealityCapture, it should find even the link to it…

Hi Wishgranter,

you point in the right direction.
RC wants to be installed as admin, but for everyday work I use a standard user account - as is recommended.
That could explain why I dont have the entries.
Other software does the same thing though and yet there are entries in the start menu…

Yep… this bugged me like crazy tonight as well… I installed the .msi… and… no… “completed” nothing… no shortcuts… … hmm… I know BETA but… cmon… ;p

But no… the whole windows key/search thing does not work unless you are THE ADMIN account, whether you are admin or not. Seems like an easy fix.

Hi Justin
it is working, install RC as ADMIN and set that all accounts can use it…

Ah, that’s it.
Thanks Wishgranter!