No Default category under my Details Panel for an Enemy AI character

Hello everyone, I am following a tutorial for Blueprints using the book Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine It is pretty recent although with the update to 4.9 I have had to search for a few things as they have changed with the update from what the book was saying. I was able to figure some of those out pretty easy as they just moved locations. I am currently trying to create an enemy AI that paths from one Patrol point to another. I have followed the tutorial with creating the Blueprint, Behavior tree, blackboard and the controller. I am having trouble on the last step which is selecting my enemy in the world outline and then going to the details panel, search for the default category and then select patrolpoint1 and patrolpoint2 so that it moves in game. Unfortunately when I have my enemy selected in the world outline and go to the details panel there is no Default category to change the drop downs as the tutorial says. I have tried many searches but have been unable to find a solution and it is preventing me from continuing the tutorial as it builds off of this task. If pictures would help let me know which I should post. Thanks for any help

So for what you’re saying you created 2 variables called patrolpoint1 and patrolpoint2. But then there’s not variables under the default category in the details panel. This can be for 3 reasons:

  • You didn’t create those variables and that’s why they arent’ there but this one would be too obvious i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

  • You changed the category for those variables probably just to make clearer their use and so that made that they’re not in the “default” category anymore but in the one you named for them instead. For this it’s recommended to use the search bar in the details panel and search for the variables names directly.

  • The most common one, you forgot to make them editable (the eye to the right of the variable name should turned on (yellow or green dependind on if you added info for it or not)). Once the eye is turned on, you should be able to find those variables in the details panel when selected.

Just to say thanks for this Meguido - i too had the same problem and tried changing types - when creating the variable i wandered about making them public but then forgot - many thanks again