No "Datasmith reset overrides" on Materials

If you right click a Datasmith created master material in the Content Browser, there is no menu option for “reset overrides” like there is on a Datasmith created mesh.

Are you supposed to clone the material first and put it somewhere else, or what is the intended workflow with attempting to modify materials (and undoing the same) with Datasmith imports?

Yes, clone it and modify the clone so the subsequent re-import don`t overwrite the changes.

In 4.22 we will expose the override on material instances but you`ll need to wait until then.

Which material should I clone, because I see that there’s a “Master” folder that seems to have duplicates of the materials as well…

Short rant: Here’s why Unreal is so much more difficult to get into than Unity… I right click one of my Datasmith imported StaticMeshActors and choose edit, which pops up a new window with the mesh in it. Then I drop a newly created empty material on a slot I want to replace. What now happens is utterly baffling, because not only does my newly created material for some ungodly reason change, none of the StaticMeshActors in the scene update. But editing the damn thing again shows the material change in its own window still. It’s head on desk frustrating for a beginner!