No console/fullscreen after packaging


I created a small level based on the first person template shipped with UE4.5. After packaging it for windows, neither the console key (I also tried to change it to “1” or some other key) nor Alt-Enter (for fullscreen) show any reaction. Movement (w-a-s-d-space) is fine. When simply launching the game directly out of the editor, all of the keys work.

Also, the game starts in my screens full resolution but windowed - and there´s no way to resize it.

I did not have these issues in 4.3 some time ago - did I miss any changes? Or do I need to modify something?

Thanks for any help.

IIRC, console works in Debug and Test builds of UE4Game while Development and Shipping ones do not have it enabled, or something like that…

Can’t remember if it can be enabled in the latter builds through .ini file changes.

I’m pretty sure it’s a cheating thing, but you should be able to enable and disable it programmatically, through a menu option or the like. Or just leave it on for all users of course.

Granted I have yet to actually attempt this, so I’m not sure where to enable that.

I’m having the same problem. Is there a solution? Thanks!

It’s not intended to have access to the console. Read the previous replies.