No collision on spline at runtime (android)

Hi !

I’m making a small VR experiment for android and I’m using spline blueprint I made following this video : UE4 Tutorial: Add spline-meshes procedurally - YouTube
I made a mesh with custom simple collison and set the collision preset to BlockAll in the blueprint to the addsplinemeshcomponent method.
It looks nice and physics work exactly the way I need in the editor.

But when I launch the game on my android phone the collision/physics of the spline doesn’t work, everything passes through it (standard mesh alone works).
I’ve tried many things I found on forums and videos but it never work.

Any idea ?

UE4 version : 4.16.1
No warning in log after launching.

Many thanks.


Unfortunately, no collision at runtime is expected for now. The SplineMeshComponent like the ProceduralMeshComponent and RuntimeMeshComponent all rely on PhysX collision cooking. This is supported currently only on desktop, and not on any mobile/html5 platform.

Now, the good part is with UE 4.17 that changes. They just implemented async, or threaded, cooking which was the big reason it was disable on mobile, and I double checked it’s been re-enabled for mobile platforms. You could use it today, but only by using master branch source from GitHub, but it should be in the 4.17 release.


I didn’t know that it wasn’t working for now on 4.16.
I will try on the 4.17 or find an other way.

thanks for the answer !

o, I had same problem.