No cloth collision at all

Hello. I’ve made simple model in makehuman (with simple dress and skeleton: “default no toe”), saved as mhx2, fixed dress in blender, exported as fbx, imported into UE4, fixed materials and tried to add physic for this dress. I’ve made additional physic asset and left only 4 colliders for legs. Then simply created cloth asset, everything works fine, but there is no collision for those colliders from physic asset, cloth going trough legs :confused:

I spend like 2 days to find solution, seen few topic with similar issues but it’s all for nothing :confused:
Thanks in advance for any answers. Any ideas would be good. Also tried with 4.17 UE version.

Found solution. mhx2 format caused problem. Dunno why, just have to avoid this export format in Makehuman.
No one could knew that :stuck_out_tongue: