No character movement

Whenever I press play, my character keeps appearing under my map, unable to move. I even have a player spawn point in the world. Only after setting the character to “Auto Posses Player - Player Zero” does it appear where it should, but I still can’t move or use the camera.

A little time ago there was something in the world that I deleted, thinking it was something extra. I could be wrong, but it might’ve said something about movement. It was in a “Pill” shape like other blueprints. Could this be something?

You should assign a default PlayerController and Pawn to your GameMode and make sure it’s not overridden for your level while testing. In your level, add a player start:

If done right, you’d have your pawn spawn at the correct position and your PlayerController should register input events.
The camera is a second issue and depends on other code, as the question is quite broad.