No character control after Packaging my project

Hi all,

Wasn’t quite certain which category this should fall under, so here I go:

I have built a small demo world, and put my ThirdPersonCharacter in it. Everything works accordingly. While in UE4, I can hit the play button, and run around as the ThirdPersonCharacter with no issues.
However, once I packaged the project and got me a nice Winblowz exe file, I run the game, and I have no character control. It went back to just a free flying camera mode and my character is just standing there looking confused as to why…

Am I missing something important for an export? Why would I not be able to get in my game as a player after packaging whereas there is no issue whilst still in the editor?



The problem is gone… I don’t know why or how it glitched in the first place. I made a backup of the project before I packaged it, after the glitch, I copied the backup over the primary, re-packaged and it appears to work fine now… strange.