No camera in a Player Pawn?


If would like to only use Map-based cameras, and not have one in the Player Pawn.

I start the map blueprint with setting a camera. Fine.

However, if I spawn/posses a new Player Pawn on dying, the game goes into First Person of that pawn. I’m guessing this has to do with inheritance of a “pawn class” or something?

If I set up a camera on e.g. a spring-arm in the Pawn Blueprint, that one is used instead, but that’s not ideal for me, since I want the camera to be a separate beast and not related to the player.

Any way I can do that?

I think it might be better to do some sort of remote control pawn where your camera can be the actual pawn you possess and the remote controlled actor or pawn is driven by events, or interface calls.

i think you can still unpossess/possess other camera pawns when remote control pawn swith places( assuming that’s the kind of thing you want to achieve).