No Basic Character Control Included?

As a transitioning Unity person The mix of terms used is a bit confusing. Pawn vs Character controller? I completed a 2 part tut online done by Tesla (very well done), wherein he guided the viewer to create a simple FPS Player input control ( this provides simple but workable FPS controls. But it was a bit of a chore.

Is defining a Game mode plus creating a Player Control Blueprint necessary for each new project if I require FPS controls? I imagine this could be exported and reimported into a new Project/level combination. And the Player Start component that is created in the default empty level is simply the starting place for one’s FPS or 3rd person controller? It doesn’t hold any actual movement code?

In Unity, First or Third person controls are simply components that can be imported into a new project/scene. Is this not the case with UE4? In a new project, in a empty, default level, what do I require to have FPS style movement that would fall off the edge of the floor if I step that far?

Working my way through the lessons, but this is aspect quite unclear. Thanks.

Characters and Pawns are derived classes from the AActor class. Characters are Pawns that come with collision and movement components. The movement component is most-likely what you’re talking about here. You have a few choices here: start a project with the FPS template or the third person template. Each has their own movement functions. Examine the blueprints (or C++ if you choose) to see how it all works.

The basic outline is you set up input and axis events via Edit -> Project Settings -> Input. You can make a character blueprint to use these actions and in turn, affect the movement component of the character. Experiment with Yaw, Pitch, Forward and Right nodes.

Be aware that starting with either is somewhat limiting. I found that starting with the third person template is a safer bet, because I was easily able to add first person views, where as the first person template locked down my character class in a weird way where implementing third person was much more difficult.

True. If you got a Game mode and Character blueprint combo they are easy to reuse. The Player start is just a marker. You can make a configuration file to reuse your favorite project settings.

The closest equivalent to a control script component is the Graph part of your Character blueprint. It is currently not as straight forward to import just the graph. But you can save any graph as a text document and copy-past it.

The minimum you need in an empty level is (as far as I remember):

  1. Input events defined in project settings.
  2. A blueprint based of the Character class with a camera and some input graphs (blueprint scripts) added.
  3. A game mode that you select as default in project settings.
  4. And finally a Player Start in the level.

Coming from unity myself, this more formal handling of characters and inputs was a bit strange, but you will get the hang of it. In the big picture it is just a small detail and probably for the best, at lest for a bigger game project.

Thanks Guys, really appreciate the clarification and suggestions. I really like the feel od UE4, bit alien at first from several years in Unity, but I get the feeling the transition will be well worth the effort.