No APK suitable for architecture found

Hi! I am working on a VR app for Google Cardboard. When I try to launch with my android device plugged in dev mode in my computer, it fail and the message is:

PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! No APK suitable for architecture found
The log:

The device is a LG-G3 (LGD8524).

I can pack my game, but not launch it with Unreal. I have already tried with SDK API level, NDK API level at 19 and at 21 with target at the same level. Help?

Hello Eclyps,

It seems that you have another post about this issue on the Answerhub. To keep all efforts to help with this issue in one place rather than having two sets of people trying to solve the same problem, I’ll be closing this thread. Please refer to the Answerhub post for further assistance.