No Animation on Client Side

I don’t understand it. When I run 2 clients (one server, one client), the animations for ‘running’ are not showing up on the client side only. So if I run on the server side, the animation WILL show up on the clients and if I run on the client, the animation shows up on the server. But if I run on the client, the animation for running doesn’t show up for the client.
Here’s a quick video demonstrating my problem.

Okay, so I’ve somewhat troubleshooted the problem. I added a custom event that is called on the client side. The custom event is set to execute on client only. Now the animation only plays once and then stops. Now I have to figure out how to loop that animation until he stops running.

Alright, another troubleshoot succession. I set the ‘run’ section of the montage to loop, and well, that fixes it - but now the animation is abrupt.

Any ideas on how I can use a blendspace in a montage or even transition the animation gently from the run loop?

So here is another video. The loop doesn’t transition between itself nicely at all.