Nintendo Switch Unreal Insights Crash

When trying to use the Unreal Insights profile with both cpu and loadtime channels (-trace=cpu,loadtime) on Switch, I reliably get a crash on startup with any build configuration other than Debug. This occurs whether using -tracehost or -tracefile methods.

If I do either just loadtime channel or cpu channel it manages to launch, but the data is sort of less useful without being able to view it simultaneously. The application should have around 1.5 gigs of memory available at this point according to memory usage logs (even without the SDEV extra memory although I have that enabled as well). I would like to be able to profile loadtime outside of debug so that I can get more reasonable timings as the game I’m working on runs at like 200 ms a frame in debug mode.

The traceback is always failing in the Writer_AllocateBlockFromPool method:

Line 120 (0x8C3C228) C++
Line 65 (0x8C4C3A4) C++
Size) Line 119 (0x8C4C27C) C++
InThreadBuffer) Line 109
(0x8F86028) C++
bUseTimeLimit, bool bUseFullTimeLimit,
float TimeLimit, FFlushTree*
FlushTree) Line 581 (0x9253074) C++
bUseTimeLimit, bool bUseFullTimeLimit,
float TimeLimit, bool& bDidSomething,
FFlushTree* FlushTree) Line 4844
(0x9274090) C++
Line 4781 (0x927582C) C++
Line 114 (0x8C71DB4) C++ nnSdk.nss!
Line 177 (0x1A5F3FC4) C++