Nintendo Switch support, easy release for Indie devs?

Just a few hours ago Nintendo showed off the Switch and among many other things a list of companies already working with it. Epic is one of them. Will we get Switch Support any time soon or this preserved for large Studios?

Also, the guy presenting the yet unnamed game (around minute 45) mentioned that it’ll be easier for Indie Developers to bring their games to the Switch. On all other Consolen the Indie support isn’t really good. In other words, it’s a shitload of work to get a game on there, even if it meets or exceeds all quality standards.
I wonder if Epic has any Information on that (and is willing to share it). A big Indie market is what the Switch needs due to the lack of launch titels and to compete with other brands. Also it’d be really fun to play around with it and see what it’s capable of!

While it’s clear that UE4 supports Switch, it’s likely to be a similar situation as before–you’ll have to work with Nintendo to become an approved developer and then you can provide your info to Epic to get access to the Switch version of the editor.

There’s been hints and mentions of the Switch in the master branches as well, there’s been a few news articles about it on gaming sites. I’d assume full Switch support for UE4 is coming sooner rather than later.

Hmmm i wonder if it’s as easy as their making it out to be?

Every new console coming to market is all the same:
“-hey guys, we <3 yall indies!! buy a unit, come with us!”

~le indie submit his game months later…
“-we give you a devKit 4free! IF your game is gud hype ya know…” or:
“-Sorry, don’t know ya… give us $4.000~$20.000 for a devKit THEN we talk…”

~le indie trying to pass certification…
“-bruh, ya game has bugszz!! We gonna charge ya $5.000 for each time you try to pass certification ya know… We luv indies!”

A thousand times this.
well… looking at sony and microsoft at least, in the past, from a variety of less known and aaa devs alike.

To be fair, many of the people that want to develop for consoles aren’t going to finish their games anyways

That’s what I meant with

Nintendo would really benefit from a working indie market and Suda51s’ words made me hope developing for the Switch would be more indie-friendly. The Switch offers new ways to play games and has a big theoretical target: these are the two points that cause many great Indie games. AAA Developers can’t spend millions on a game with a concept where they have no idea if it will work out, smaller Studios or even hobbydevelopers who just made a game out of what they’ve only been playing around with to see what the Switch is capable of on the other hand can, there isn’t as much to loose. The new mobile plattform could target many people (just as games for smartphones do). In the end the Switch is a tablet with a lot of power (relative to other tablets), way better controls and a reasonable pricepoint (given that there will be an indie market with cheap games, a bit overpriced when there are only 60€ AAA games).

It would still require Developers to buy a Devkit for 300€. Nobody who just wants to release some trash experiment is going to buy that. And still, that doesn’t remove quality control. Like on Steam there should (and will, if this is actually going to be a thing) be a set of rules which a game has to follow in order to even have a chance to be released. The best for us developers, customers and Nintendo would be to have a store similiar to steam greenlight - just with higher standards so that every game is actually worth it’s price and not a bugged mix of stolen assets and code. But I guess this is too optimistic. I havn’t lost the hope to see a stronger Indie market on the Switch though.

Yep you nailed it.