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Hello, I’m Ninichi & I’m a freelance game music composer. I’ve worked on the soundtracks for various indie games & can compose music in a very wide range of styles. I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile so do get in touch to explore working together! I’d love to learn more about your game & explore things further with you.

For custom music & commissions please see my website:

Here’s a quick link to my game music page:​/Game-music

Royalty Free Music:

I also offer a section of royalty free music on my website and game music packs available to license in games:

Game Music Asset Packs:

Chiptune Pack | Royalty Free Game Music Pack
Retro Rush | Royalty Free Game Music Pack
Puzzle Pack | Royalty Free Game Music Pack
Fantasy Atmospheres 1 | Ambient Royalty Free Music Pack
Fantasy Atmospheres 2 | Ambient Royalty Free Music Pack

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‘Ninichi has a deep understanding of game music production. She has a real talent & I couldn’t be more happy with the work she has done for me’

*-*Robert White | Creator of Shakey’s Escape & Owner of Smashing Pixels Game Studio

​’Ninichi was a pleasure to work with. The tracks she composed are beautiful & fit the game perfectly. Our team love them & often listen to them whilst working!’

*-*Thomas Hanley | Lead Game Developer at Owl Sanctuary Studios

Quicklink to my credit list:

Shakey’s Escape OST is available on

Soundcloud page:

Just finished working on the game music soundtrack to Railed Express! Open for commissions now!

hey Ninichi i have a Concept for a Asemetrical Survival Horror game im wondering if youd be intrested? ive never worked on any games befor and im thinking of using Kickstarter. im at the stage now where im trying to find people who would be intrested.

Hello there! Your survival horror game sounds cool! Thank you also for your private message. I’ve responded now with some thoughts. It would be great to explore things further with you depending on what you need. Look forward to continuing this conversation with you!!

Made a few updates to my game music page. Feel free to check it out​/game-music​!

Currently working on the music for Calico - a very cute indie game (

Also working on the music for an upcoming cartoon series!

Taking on new commissions!

Finished working on the original game music soundtrack for Railed Express!

Just did a new track for Calico (the super cute cat game): Calico OST - Calico (Main Theme) by Ninichi | Composer | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Updated (& expanded) credit list:

Keep a look out for Calico - a cute cat game launching their Kickstarter in Oct! (I did the game music soundtrack

Calico the game, is now on Kickstarter! (Check it out! I did the soundtrack!)

Currently working on the game music soundtrack for MINI HOSPITAL - a super fun tycoon-style game coming out on mobile in December! The soundtrack is almost complete though - so I’m accepting new commissions NOW


Keep a lookout for new puzzle game Cyclocube - coming out soon on the Nintendo 3DS & Switch (& yes I did the game music soundtrack for it!).

Finished game music soundtrack for MINI HOSPITAL. Now working on the music to an upcoming web series but also taking on new commissions - so do get in touch now if you need help with music!

Cirque du Mors - has just been released on YouTube:
Open for NEW Commissions!