Night Vision (or something similar) Character blueprint

thought the best way of doing this would be to have post-process volume attached to players via the blueprint component list and just toggle them on and off when the player presses a button. There is no post process volume within the blueprints component list however. Any Help!? :frowning:

I say use the post process settings of your camera and modify them in blueprint on the event. Using a material in the post process settings would help get a more realistic result if need be.

Within the character blueprint graph, you should be able to use a “spawn actor from class” node linked to the input event to spawn that volume. If that doesn’t work, you could place the volume somewhere out of sight in the world and have it duplicate and attach to the player after the input event.

Shall try this, cheers :slight_smile:

Also, if you have a camera component, you might be able to add the post process effect to the blendables there and toggle it by setting the post process blend weight.
eidit: Oops, didn’t see Farshad12 's post.

So do I attatch my post process volume that I made in level to the blendable array at the bottom of the list? A little confused. Thanks :slight_smile:

Wonder if there are any tutorials available? :confused:

I think you’re combining what Farshad and I have suggested together mentally, but they are distinctly separate ways of handling the problem. Try farshad’s solution first, I think it will work better anyway.
If you add the post process effect to the blendables, I think you don’t use a volume, you would just use the settings from that post process volume.

I’ve been trying to change some of the values in the camera post process volume but it keeps coming up with this error message and crashes every time if i use the suggested make array node hooked into the blendables array pin (cant see in pic but its the last one).
feel like a fool atm XD
What exactly is/are blendables and am i doing this completely wrong?

Start with a simple material, like one of the examples, and once you got the hang of how it generally works, start creating a material to achieve the night vision view.

PostProcessing blueprint interaction

This area (Postprocess settings Blueprint interaction) is a bit unfinished and needs some polish. We are working on that.

However in most cases you can avoid it:

It’s best to create postprocess volumes and adjust the weights of the volumes through blueprint or game code.
If this is needed to work across multiple levels you can add the postprocess volumes into a common level part and make sure it becomes part of every game level.

Not quite sure how applicable this would be if I was creating a mp game. Wouldn’t want the post process volume over the level to change for all players.