Night Brightness in a Day/Night Ssytem

Hi to you all,

I’m new to the forum, new to Unreal.

I managed to make a day/night system based on tutorials that I found over the internet. It looks ok’ish, but my problem is that the overall brightness of the level when is night it’s to high, I mean it doesn’t give you the feeling of night, and that is cause it has the lightmass baked indirect lighting. I tried making the scene to be fully dynamic by disabling lightmass from World properties, than added a skylight to the day night system that i set it to recalculate the sky. It works ok, I kind of get the colors that are in the sky, mainly at dawn and sunset, but still at night it is way brighter than the night is in reality. And also I get a weird reflection on the ground cause of the skylight, it looks like is visible as a mesh and it reflects. I’m thinking of actually changing the skylight intensity dynamically but I don’t really know how to do that cause I’m an environment artist, don;t have knowledge of scripting.
Any help would be appreciated.

No one knows how this can be achieved? I really need any help with this please.

D/N system in UE4 is a bunch of assets which you can modify them by yourself. However, you can create your own D/N system as well. It’s just about a “big” sphere, material with parameters and directional light. Edit default sky system and you’ll see how easy is.

My problem is not modifying default parameters, the issue I have is that the overall lightness when at night is to much for a night scene and that is cause of the lightmass, baked indirect lighting.
I tried using a skylight which seems to work pretty well for matching the colors of the skybox if it is set to recalculate sky, but the brightness is still to much and also the skylight casts a reflection of it like is being a lit object and I can’t get rid of that.

You’re talking about the Eye Adaptation which makes it a little difficult to adjust a scene for nighttime. I haven’t really played around with it yet, but there was an awesome example in the beta of a day/night cycle. I’ll try and look into how they did it.

EDIT: Is there not a map in Content Examples called Weather Selector?

I found this link Day Night Cycle - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums which seems to be the same issue I have but a different approach. I’ll give it a try in the evening but I do think that using a skylight is the better way visually cause I’ll have the colors on the ground and objects like the sky colors, although from what I’ve read is heavy for computing, recalculating the sky every time.

Oh. Sorry for misunderstanding : / Did you ever played with PostProcess parameters? They may solve this problem.

No problem man. I’ll try in the evening to use a post process volume with an ambient cubemap that changes intensity based on the sun rotation, maybe that will do the job.