Niagara is not production ready

Hello fellas

Aside my crusade of learning RGD, I decided to learn something new like Niagara, so I heard it was production ready, I decided to give it a shot, I have been using Niagara for few days, it is very easy to use I have to say, but in a short of period of time I have had incalculable number of crashes, at least I have 2 well identified, are: crash when you have no keyframes in a color curve user exposed variable and crash when you add a new map in a module and you have the system owning that module opened. Kinda hard to work in those conditions.

I do know how hard this can be, but a bit more of QA won’t hurt. All the errors I am having are the kind of fixes that are small oops for programmers

Just wanted to express all this as positive feedback and I think I will definitely wait a little bit more.

Cheers! keep the good work

Yep, I’ve seen some crashes happen at random times as well, although wasn’t able to pin down when exactly they happen.

Nice that you figured a couple of conditions out. Did you also submit them as bug reports?