[Niagara] Emitter Update is called although not yet active

My Assumption:

Putting an Emitter into the Timeline onto a specific spot does two things:

  1. The Begin of the Green Line executes Emitter Spawn
  2. The Green Line executes Emitter Update

How it actually is:

  1. Emitter Update is always Called
  2. Emitter Spawn is Called at Time 0,0.

What’s the point of separating Emitter and System, when the Emitter executes Update everytime anyway?

The position of my Particles is determined in Emitter Update (with variables like Velocty and Direction and such).
But to my disappointmend I had to learn that the Point where my particles are spawned are actually relative to Time 0.0, not relative to where the Emitter actually begins.

To visualize this:

Let’s say my 4 Emitters Calculate The point where Particles should spawn (in Emitter Update!!!) with Speed and a Direction away from (0,0,0)

Now when my Emitter actually spawn the particles, the particles are spawned proportional to where the Emitter starts.

What I want is to spawn all my particles at (0,0,0) and then away from it.

Is there a possibility to include a Flag to avoid this? My Emitters should work independently from where they are actually placed in the timeline.