Next Blueprint Project


Now that I am awaiting for a response from Epic regarding my 2D Sidescroller submission I was thinking on what my future project should focus on. I am always interested in doing new things with the blueprint and I already have a few ideas. Please vote in the poll or reply with your own custom request and if it’s something i find interesting I might tackle that instead. Remember I only do blueprints. Some of the poll options take can take longer than others.

Current Options are :

  1. Complete idle incremental game kit (Clicker heroes style since I like that one better).
  2. Harvestable objects kit ( trees, rocks etc that you can hit with your axe,pick etc and gather limited resources from them). I saw there is nothing like that yet on the marketplace and it’s something i would be interested in.
  3. Endless 2D Runner game kit for mobile.
  4. First person tile based( possible with free roam option) dungeon crawler kit ( this would be a lot of work to do but I am a huge fan of old school dungeon crawlers and new ones like Legend of Grimrock so I’m up for it if there is interest).This would include a basic inventory, level-up,combat,movement and enemy AI. Huge project, would take months.