Newer Custom Version of Dev-Physics Error Packaging

I’ve been running into this problem when trying to package a UE5 project and was wondering if anyone knows what is causing it or how to workaround it?

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): LogInit: Display: LogAssetRegistry: Error: Package C:/MyProject/Content/MetaHumans/BaseMale/MaleHair/Hair/Eyebrows_M_Full.uasset has newer custom version of Dev-Physics

I’m seeing it on a few files. I’d imagine maybe its something to do with the the physics change to chaos. Removing the physics assets, resaving, and other typical things you might try don’t seem to have any effect on this and while I showed a metahuman groom file above, I also see it on some cloth clothing pieces from other skeletal meshes.

Using the 4.26 Chaos branch off the launcher may do that. I know the source build will. It’s not directly compatible with UE5EA like regular 4.26 is.

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That was it. Thank you. That saved me a TON of time most likely.

Was the solution to build using UE4? Were you able to build using UE5EA?