Newcomer to Ue4

Hi. I’m experiencing tehnical problems with engine. If for example static mesh/particle sistem exist already on the map item is placed instantly, but when item is being placed first time (fresh project with starting content or imports alike ue frezze on 5-10 minutes and don’t respond at all.
In example lets say i start project and create landscape, for landscape to appear i will wait 5 minutes (ue not responding) then i place rock01 and wait 7 minutes, then place another rock01 no frezze, then place rock02 6 minutes then rock01 again no frezze…you get the point…

I personaly find it more relaxing to create landscapes, villages… in engines/editors than actualy play games but i don’t have time nor experience to work on any serious project.

I suspect it can be somehow connected to my spec but if there is a chance that it is some error or something i would try fixing it before spending 1500$ on new pc.
Spec win 8.1 64
Cpu amd a4 5300
Gpu ati radeon hd 5570
6gb ram 1333hz

I’m sorry for my eng it is not my native language and i’m still learning it.

Well that GPU is very low end, and a quadcore CPU and 8 gigs of ram are recommended, it’s most likely just your computer’s hardware.

You definitely are not up to spec. Also, new materials/shaders ect, take a minute to compile on the first placement. They are generating a cache of some sort.

Your machine is probably not fast enough - good news it I do not think you will need a 1500 dollar PC to run UE 4 :slight_smile: