Newbie Trouble: Projectiles From Scatch

Hi guys,

Apologies for the infuriating newbie question. I was attempting to add FirstPersonProjectile style functionality into my third person game. I ended up copying in the actual blueprint from the FPS template to compare as I just couldn’t replicate the way the actors disappear. I added a delay and destroy actor in my Controller blueprint, but that seemed to only work when I fired a projectile and waited for it to disappear; if I fire off a load into my level they stick about and only the most recent one is destroyed.

There’s a destroy actor node on the end of the ‘Add physics impulse to any physics object we hit’ part of the template blueprint, but I deleted that and they still seem to disappear. Very confused.

As an aside, I have some NPCs in my level that are currently wandering around the space, I’d like to be able to knock them over with the projectile, but when I tick simulate physics (on the character blueprint) they immediately fall over and just roll around (the meshes are chess pawns so there’s no animation, they just wander around). Is this just because my meshes are rubbish and I need to go back into Maya and sort them out that way? Or is there something I can do to that will make them move about as they do now; but are also susceptible to projectile fire.

ANY help at all will be massively appreciated. Again, a thousand apologies for newbie question and general poor wording/general lack of ability.



You can find Initial Life Span parameter on FirstPersonProjectile → Self → Details (Right side panel) → Actor. This value is 3.0f by default and means remove actor after 3 seconds. Put to 0 for infinity life.