Newbie questions file locations / material painting woes / open world

Hey in attempting to make my environment I’ve hit the wall on a bunch of things. I figured I would put my questions out there for anyone who may be able to help me with an answer to any of them.

  1. Does anyone know where the project files are located within windows? Mine are getting too large and I’m going to have to relocate them to my external once I find them.

  2. Hard to explain this one but… I’m trying to paint material onto a heightmap I imported and control-click doesn’t seem to work at all until I switch between target materials back and forth… then it kicks in and I can paint but there’s a pitch black “fog-of-war” everywhere in that section except where I’m painting and it still paints the whole section first every time with a material I don’t want because the first click does that no matter what for some reason. I can’t paint over that previous material either because once painted it won’t let me. I don’t know if this is a bug in the engine or the way it’s supposed to work and I just don’t understand it. Very confused on this one. (*See attached screenshot for what I mean about the black area.) Also since the painting is confined to set sections of the grid when I go to a new section I need to start the whole process of back-and-forthing with my target materials to get the painting to work again. It’s all excruciating. Surely this isn’t normal!

  3. I have my imported heightmap of the terrain I want in the scene but I want to make a larger open world around that area… is there a way I can extend the surrounding area to go much further or at least give the appearance of this? Because right now it’s just a big plot of land with mountains on it, floating in space.

  4. Does anyone know of any free video tutorials that would suit someone like me who is a newbie mostly just interested for now in learning how to create and texture environments?

Any help at all would be great.

  1. documents/unreal projects/your project
  2. either add another large landscape or just use “scene meshes” -> e.g a picture of a landscape on a plane. From far away it will look like an ordinary landscape, but you will get a better performance. Another way is to just make your existing landscape larger (in the default tab of your landscape tool you can add more components) or just place an ocean around your level
  3. Take a look at the official ones from epic games + on youtube you will find many tutorials about landscape and materials. Also make sure to take a look at the tutorials from world machine :slight_smile: -> but the easiest way is: learning by doing